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Hello there! This my personal blog! I like homestuck, pokemon, and snakes! I'm an artist, so I post a lot of my own art here as well and I'm sometimes even open for commissions! Feel free to talk to me or whatever ya want!
ALSO My absolute favorite color is fuchsia. You'll see a lot of fuchsia related things here.
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I love her so much

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Terk is my fave disney character tbh

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For Kate’s bae

Happy Birthday, Danny! I hope you have a spectacular day!

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View the fullsize tutorial on DA | The most handy hair structure tutorials are this video by Proko and thisblog post.These are useful for thinking about the direction hair locks flow with different styles: 1 2 3 4 5 | Painting Realistic Hair | Shading with gradients: 1 2 | Tutorials by me including: Gimp Brush Dynamics, Coloring Eyes and Coloring Method.

All example characters are fromThe Silver Eye webcomic!

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i cant get over these pictures omg thats some rl disney bullshit right there


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We’ve launched www.Furvilla.com's splash page!!

Click to view it!

This might not seem like much, as it’s just a splash page, but it’s a big step for us as we now have our Heroku app set up :-)


i swear the quality of this video gets worse every time i watch it